Bitcoin Trading: Top Investment Apps For Beginners

For a beginner, investing in Bitcoins for the first time may appear a bit of a challenge. This is because it is common knowledge that the crypto market behaves erratically and coin prices experience drastic highs and lows. However, there are some easy-to-use investment apps for beginners in Bitcoin trading. Here are some of these user-friendly apps for you to get started:

  1. Coinbase: It is one of the most highly recommended investment apps for Bitcoin trading beginners. It is popular as it lets you invest wit USD directly. You can buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many other tokens or cryptos from this platform and even earn interest on USDT. Coinbase has not been hacked so far making it a secure trading platform for new Bitcoin users. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and supports a wide variety of digital coins.
  2. Bitcoin Superstar: This app is highly regarded, with an accuracy rate of over 89 percent, and it tracks market price fluctuations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The human trader is not required to sit in front of the computer and manually execute the trade. For more information on this bot, go to
  3. Gemini: This has grown into a reliable platform for beginners in Bitcoin trading because of its focus on transparency and safety. Unlike other exchanges that seem vulnerable and exposed to hacks and thefts, Gemini deploys stringent measures to protect customers. So, you can get FDIC protection on your USD funds. This US-based cryptoexchange follows industry-leading security protocols and can be a good place to start trading in Bitcoins.
  4. EToro: This cryptoexchange has been popular across Europe and UK and now is making its presence felt in the US. You can choose from a variety of crypto coins here. The best part is newcomers can take advantage of their practice trading accounts to test the waters before investing real money. New customers can hope to enjoy an attractive bonus from eToro on signing up and they can even use this “social trading” platform to learn the ropes. This means beginners in Bitcoin trading can emulate trades of other successful traders to execute profitable trades. EToro is therefore an excellent trading platform for those looking for secure ways to invest in Bitcoins and learn from experienced crypto traders; eToro will help you to diversify your investments and broaden your knowhow.
  5. Kraken: This beginner-friendly platform offers an impressive selection of tokens and coins. They encourage futures trading and margin trading. The learning curve is slightly steep for newcomers but you can use it to trade in riskier coins like Dogecoin. This platform is recommended for Bitcoin trading because it is secure and reliable; it has not been hacked so far. You can trade from fiat to crypto directly that helps newcomers.
  6. Binance: This has grown into one of the leading cryptoexchanges in terms of popularity and offers an easy-to-use investment app. The design is simple and the interface easily navigable; you can buy or sell coins seamlessly and view your trading history, crypto holdings, and assets. Experienced traders can use its more sophisticated functions like market order, stop-limit, and limit orders. It has recently allows users to start buying Bitcoins using credit cards. Binance is one of the most cost-effective cryptocurrency exchanges, although it does have some drawbacks. One of its drawbacks is that it does not provide CFD or leveraged trading. Go through this guide to find the best Binance alternatives that have been proven to be superior in all of the areas where Binance falls short.

These are some of the more popular investment apps for beginners in Bitcoin trading; it is advisable to read about their pros and cons in-depth before signing up on any of them.